HOPETEN means hope

Welcome to the HopeTen website.

ΗΟPELAND is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in order to provide social care and protection to vulnerable social groups with measures aim at their direct and immediate support and the facilitation of access to welfare organizations or public services. Our hope is to make every day better for children, families, refugees and all those in need of help.

HOPETEN for the Ten things people in need hope for…


Many people in vulnerable condition, particularly the refugees, come from areas in conflict and war, from which they are striving to evade.

Safety and protection

People in vulnerable conditions seek primarily a safe environment for themselves and their families, where threats against their lives and dignity don’t exist. Women evading violence and oppression from their family environment, unaccompanied minors, single-parent families etc need a helping hand in order to be empowered to continue their journey towards a respected, self-sufficient life.


People in vulnerable conditions need to be aided to build relations of solidarity with their peers and with the rest of the society.

Fulfilment of their basic needs

During a short period of time these people need to be provided for; housing/sheltering, alimentation and communication should be offered to them as a respite in order to help them start over in life.

Respect and dignity

Apart from material needs, vulnerable individuals and groups need mostly a non-discriminating environment where they will be accepted and respected just as they are, with their religious, racial, social and sexual identity.

Access to education

Most people in a vulnerable situation need access to education, either because they never had the chance as children to be educated or because they need to be trained again in order to adapt to the job market or the new social environment. Language training, computer literacy and various skills are necessary for vulnerable people to make a fresh start.

Access to health services

Many people in vulnerable conditions suffer from diseases, ailments or psychological trauma. Securing that these people can have access to medical treatment of all sorts is an important service which will help them be cured bodily and mentally.

Access to the job market

In a saturated job market, people belonging to vulnerable groups have little potential to find a job. Furthermore, educational gaps or language barriers may prevent them to do so. A communication channel and information about jobs available is a precious asset to these people who need a re-orientation in life.

Communication with beloved people

Many people in vulnerable condition have been separated from members of their families or need to be re-connected to members of their broader family circle located in other countries. Helping them get in contact with authorities who may help them for this reunification is an important step in their lives.

A stepping stone to build a future

Culminating all of the above, people in vulnerable condition do not ask for charity: they ask for a respite, a stepping stone on which to build a future for themselves and their families.