Our activities

HOPETEN implements a series of activities for the support, inclusion and housing of vulnerable groups, particularly those asking for asylum. In a nutshell, these activities are:

Planning and implementation of programs related to the education, training and preparation for inclusion in Greece and the EU of refugees and immigrants and generally people belonging to vulnerable groups. HOPETEN in collaboration with the respective authorities organizes educational seminars for the Greek language, the various professional skills, the social rules and other issues purporting onto the process of social adaptation and adjustment.

Offer of counselling and services which are related to the support of inclusion and adaptation processes of vulnerable groups, such as medical treatment, legal support, provision of basic goods, transportation to health centres or hospitals, translation and interpretation, facilitation of communication with members of their families or with international organizations etc. Under our shelter, people in need will feel that they have people to rely on and a hospitable family which can help them make a new start in life.

Sheltering, housing, feeding and hospitality services to individuals or families considered to be in a vulnerable state. HOPETEN implements the programme ESTIA II, a housing programme for those asking for international protection. The programme aims at offering shelter to unaccompanied minors, immigrant families, poor families with a single parent and in general people whose needs cannot be covered by other shelters or camps.

Implementation, in collaboration with cultural and educational organizations, of educational programmes on a national or international level, in order to achieve better adaptation and inclusion of immigrants. HOPETEN is in the process of networking with national and international agents in order to organize in common some programs related to the vulnerable groups and aiming at offering them skills, at explaining to them their constitutional and legal rights and obligations, their empowerment and their employability.

Networking with national and international organizations sharing the same aims and goals, in order to pursue in common activities targeting the common goals. HOPETEN aims at joining forces on an equal basis to other non-governmental organizations in Greece and abroad, in order to advance together the goals of protection of vulnerable groups.

Participation at national European and international programmes relevant to the aims and goals of HOPETEN or at legal entities in Greece and abroad, aiming at using such programmes.

International & European Programmes

  • ▪ Organization and participation at conferences and research programmes with educational goals.
  • ▪ Organization, in collaboration with other relevant entities, of awareness-raising activities.
  • ▪ Creation of feasibility studies regarding the potential of development of sectors relevant to its goals and aims.
  • ▪ Implementation, in collaboration with relevant agents, of communication and dissemination activities [exhibitions, festivals, audiovisual productions] relevant to its aims and goals.

For all the abovementioned activities HOPETEN is staffed with specialized personnel as well as with volunteers, scientists and people with expertise in the field of social services.