Programmes and Projects

Participation at the programme ESTIA II

HOPETEN AMKE implements the programme ESTIA II (Housing Programme for those asking for international protection).

The programme ESTIA II is a sheltering and housing programme for those who ask for international protection, which is implemented by the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum. The program offers shelter in apartments and buildings rented by HOPETEN in the framework of the programme, as well as other relevant services, such as transportation of the vulnerable individuals for their settlement in the houses, the information, counselling and support in issues related to the process of inclusion, the carrying out of procedures related to health services, acquisition of VAT number from the tax services, social security, registering with organizations related to employment or social protection. Furthermore, according to the prerequisites of the programme, the vulnerable individuals are entitled to services of social and psychological support as well as to translation and interpretation services in a language that they can understand. The premises offered by the HOPETEN consist of domiciles of a capacity up to 8 people. Members of the same family have a priority in the waiting lists for settlement.