Who we are

The people of HOPETEN constitute a dynamic team [link] of people with long experience in the field of social care and support, joining forces for their common vision of improving the conditions of daily life and the support of the vulnerable social groups. Upon entering into our “family”, all team members are specially trained in order to fulfil their duties with sensitivity and efficiency, as expected, and they also fully accept the binding rules of the organization, which can be summarized as follows:

  • ▪ Abiding to the Greek and European Law: HOPETEN will never act against the Greek or European Law and it therefore always follows closely advice by its legal consultants.
  • ▪ Abiding and respect of the regulations of the International Humanitarian Rights.
  • ▪ Conforming to the policies of preventing any sort of abuse of children and vulnerable individuals.
  • ▪ Training of the staff, the voluntaries, the collaborators and all the institutional representatives of the organization, in order for them to fulfil their duties in a sensitive manner and to respect fully the Code of Ethics regarding the security and protection of children and adults belonging to vulnerable groups.
  • ▪ Our resources rely mainly on donations and sponsorship by individuals and legal entities, as well as on income generated by various social events or by state/EU funded programmes, such as the current ESTIA II administered by the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum.

Transparency, responsibility and efficiency are the three main pillars of the function of HOPETEN.


The stakeholders and founding members of the civic, not-for-profit Society "HOPETEN CIVIC NOT-FOR-PROFIT SOCIETY" (HOPETEN ΑΜΚΕ) are Mr. Georgios Pouladakis (father's name Ioannis) and Mrs. Aekaterini Rouka (father's name Miltiades). The administrator and legal representative of the Society is Mrs. Aekaterini Rouka.